Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kromski Polonaise

I am a blog fader of the WORST kind. I am not a teaching blog, I have nothing interesting to tell the world at large and I am not trying to make a statement of any kind. I just type what I am doing or what is on my mind and I am kind of breaking out of a 10 year, yes.. 10 YEAR.. slump. What a waste of time.

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Recently I moved. I moved 9 years ago from my house that I loved and into a crappy apartment that I didn't love. There is the slump marker. I moved from crappy apartment to a nicer place in a very small City that I have always loved going to and actually closer to my workplace than I was. When moving way too much stuff, I made the firm decision that I was downsizing 50 percent of what I own. The recession calls for it.. do I really need all the stuff I own?? (Uhm, yarn/fiber stash is exempt from all downsizing discussions, period. It doesn't count.. this is all my 401yarn plan.) I will confess I decided the spinning had to be downsized and I sorted through all the fiber I have had for 10 years! sitting in boxes and being ignored. All of the fleeces I hand picked and skirted myself then sent off to be processed into pin draft. Moved them twice now and still never been spun. I had 6 huge boxes that I boldly put on Craigslist. (Note: every hair, every fiber is back in their plastic bin with smell good repellent.) I cracked.. I couldn't part with any of it so I did the next best thing. I bought the wheel I have wanted for too many years. A Kromski Polonaise. Couldn't afford it, should NOT have afforded it but I did it... it is now part of that 401yarn plan. *big smile*

I will say that even in a 10 year slump, every first weekend of May I ache for Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I went once, fell in love and every year want to go but why? I fell out of the fiber world, sort of.. knitting is still a struggle, I am not great but I am still doing it! I have never been to Rheinbeck? Why? I live in Rochester NY. Tsk.

So spinning on the new Kromski yesterday, oiling it, aligning it, getting the feel of it as I start to break it in.. I would like to know why that Louet S-90 is so neglected that sits in my living room. Am I back to spinning for the NYS Fair, or Maryland Sheep and Wool? I did pretty well back in the day. Seeing all of the indy dyers out there.. (I have tons of their sock yarn..) I am looking forward to trying their rovings. I am looking forward to being re-introduced to "Dot", the Borderleceister fleece I have three sheerings of and so on...... <~~~ Fiber junkie here, I confess! And so.. beauty.