Friday, August 14, 2009

Can we say... OMG! What were you thinking or were you?

Today was Pennsic laundry day. Today also required a nap but that was a different story. My daughter and I dragged mundane laundry, bedding and our garb laundry to the local laundromat with a stop at Starbucks on the way. Necessity, of course. *grin*

Filling the machines and then waiting.. when transferring to the dryers it was then I saw what I did! At Ice Dragon in 2008 I had purchased this gorgeous length of wool. Granted not my persona really but raspberry purple and deep forest green, I am so there. So I bought it and coveted it for the perfect project then decided that project would be a Turkish coat that I could keep the chill off at Pennsic and for winter garb wear. So.... boldly! I went at this piece of fabric with scissors and a picture in my mind of how I wanted it to look when finished and came out with a finished garment that was not to shabby. It was just the outside with the plan to line it this winter and it was oversize which I really liked and planned on making it super warm to wear. We needed it one night at Pennsic, I froze all night. (Air beds get cold and stay cold - which is another Pennsic camp box project. A wool blanket for a mattress pad.)

I have been working with wool for 15 years. I know the properties of it, know how to spin and felt it. Know how to take it from sheep to spinning wheel bobbin.... and apparently, today, I did not know NOT TO WASH IT IN A WASHING MACHINE! There, the ugly truth and confession... I agitated my wool Turkish coat! I know you wool experts feel my pain!

It did full rather beautifully though I didn't want it that way. And it might not be a total wash. While not an oversize coat (Ferace) like I wanted, it just might be a toasty warm Yelek though not silk that is lined but... fulled wool! So while not a total tragedy yet.. it just went with the vein of the day. I had a brainless day, it took two rides around the block to actually remember I was going to the bank... the look on my daughters face was priceless by the way.. so why not wash that wool!


The OMG, look at this moment.

As you see, it did full nicely!

The left over pieces were sewn into a rectangle shawl. This is not washed as you see.