Friday, February 9, 2007


I feel like I am climbing out of a seven year depression and maybe I am. I won't bore you with details but in a nut shell I was married, had one child at home and one child on his own. My days were filled with my gardens, fiber this .. fiber that.. more fiber this.. more fiber that. My best friend and I were lucky enough to both be home during the day and we had guild functions, shop functions, dye days in the drive way, spin in's, Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, New York State Fair, Fiber Seminars and more events, projects, etc than I could ever list.

I decided I was not happy in this marriage and in divorcing ended in a small apartment and I think it was then that I really felt the weight of my decisions. (Decisions I would never change.) I tried to stick with my fiber arts, it being the one thing I loved but it all ended up put away and I let my energies go elsewhere. Well, the last month has been an enthusiasm to dive into all of my projects once more and oddly, found I forgot so much over the last 7 years!

I have enough fiber to spin for the next 20 years, I have piles of handspun wool to play with. I did sell my 12 harness loom a few years ago because I felt it was more of a crime having it sit in storage than being used by an artist. The spinning wheel is out, the fibers are sorted, the knitting equipment is found, the spinning equipment is found except for the drum carder but I think I know where it is!

So here I leap into my love of fiber again. My goals are to get that spinning wheel working again and my skill level back to what it was. My novice knitting "under control" and lifted to the level of advanced beginner, lol. Felting! I have the basics but never took the time to really learn it and do it well.

I smile all day, even my friends that see me daily say it is like I opened the curtains and the sun came in. I truly think it was the loss of home yet I did not realize this.

The only thing missing is Teresa, my best friend who moved to Indiana. However we will just have to stay close by other means!

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