Thursday, July 5, 2007

"Turn Work" - Part 2

So okay, that didn't work either. I do not understand what turn work means in this sock pattern but! I learned how to figure it out and do something I could understand. And, by myself! Of course it took me telling my non-knitting lunch buddies what I was doing and finished with... "Yep, it should work....". They all nodded eagerly and heck is sounded good to me. I ended up knitting a row to get the purl row on the inside of the sock and now my knitting is golden. I have turned the heel. Why is turning the heel so much fun? Is it just fun to knit or you know you are crossing the threshold of being more done with the sock than not? I am contemplating starting the second sock so that by the time I am done with the first one it is just a matter of finishing the second sock, not starting it. /nod

I think I might try this pattern again with a heavier sock weight yarn in the future. I have tricky ankles. I have lymphedema from incompetent valves in my legs. I wear compression stockings by day and am supposed to... yep.. "supposed to" wrap my legs in compression bandages at night. So the swelling in my feet and ankles varies by day and my attention to my leg health. I don't need a drawer full of big "thick ankle" socks but I will need a variety I think.

Back to my sock!


Knitting Bandit said...

Don"t ya love sock knitting? Even though it makes you want to throw things and say bad words? I live in fear of second sock syndrome. I always knit both socks at once. Usually toe up to the heel. Then I knit the second one toe up to the heel, etc. Otherwise I know there are socks that would never have a mate. Hang in there! You'll be flying through those gussetts after a couple pair.

barb michelen said...
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Jerry said...

It's cool that you did the socks on your own. You'll be a sock wizard soon.