Saturday, May 15, 2010

Holy Moley, here comes Pennsic!

Okay, last fall I started with this huge list of "winter projects" and come April I said... "wow, its April and I haven't even started on my list!".  Pain issues slow me down so some days I do nothing.  On a brighter note I got a lot of Genealogy done on my grandmothers side!  Cleaned up a lot of clerical work for my family history so not a total wash.

However, here comes Pennsic at us like a freight train and I am the costumer for three of us.  My daughter has decided on a persona place and time and her boyfriend wants to come along too so for him, this year, just some T tunics so he can have time to figure out his persona before we start sewing for him.  But it still leaves a long list.  I am glad I have plenty of garb for a week there.  Next year I will be at Pennsic for two weeks and will need more gomlek's.  Next winters project!

To Do List:
Chirka's for me:  white/black, brown/tan stripe

Entari - red pattern, gold.  I know I don't need anything but this was my fabric buy for last year and will be nice for Court and Khan's Court.

Turkish Embroidery - just 1 gomlek.  I did get the simple design penciled on the gomlek the other day.  I am starting very simple on this one and can add more embroidery if I am good at it and like it.


One camicia to finish.

Two light weight camicia's to make.

4 Florentine gowns to make.  After much research and anxiety over starting a bodice and the art of draping, I chickened out and bought the Period Patterns No. 41 pattern.  Once I get the idea of construction then I will get more brave in her gown construction.

4 T tunics - pattern worked out, waiting for the fabric.

Three cloaks....

No pressure - this list is not, obviously, showing all the other things, paint the mirror box, sheet walls, a flag for our tent.  Jewelry search and so on.  Ugh, I am tired!

My daughter and I are going to War Practice this coming weekend.  We have no cloaks, there is no wool to be found here in fabric stores, we are going to freeze our butts off!

I will try to remember pictures, I get very focused on sewing and crank it out once I sit down.  Right now I am in the foraging stage.

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