Sunday, February 11, 2007


As if no fiber enthusiast knows what that means!

That is the one word that can describe my first Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I was so excited and had a wad of money to just throw at merchants there and I did! And it was indeed, better than sex! Haha.

I was like a kid at a fair who had never seen one. My girlfriend Teresa had already been to the festival so knew what it was like. Our husbands so patient and didn't seem to complain about the constant trips to truck and station wagon to deposit our new found purchases. I just glowed in a smile for weeks after then when I really looked, I had bought enough material to spin for at least 10 years. But wow.. to go there again.... someday!


Ashley said...


They're great aren't they?

The first time I went to a fiber fest I only spent $20 cause everything was SOOO expensive. Really it wasn't expensive, I just didn't realize what the stuff was really worth.

The next year... I spent more than enough and bought more than enough.

Miss Violet said...

I just hear the *word* "wool" and money starts falling out of my pockets.

I blame the media.


Welcome back to the fiberlicious world! :)