Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Toe up madness!

Well, my fear to start up a toe up sock with very limited knitting experience has turned out to be not so bad. If I don't look at the entire picture and just do the toes, then the pattern to the ankle, and so on, I should be fine. This is the first pattern I have done. The sock pattern I have done was a 2/2 rib. I know know how to do M1, YO and kf&b! Kf&b was a bit messy at first! Hehe.

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Knitting Bandit said...

I learned to knit socks toe up an dit's like my comfort pattern. Whenever I need a quick fix to a tricky yarn or just something easy that's what I've knit. (Well, I've only knit a dozen or so pairs total, so not THAT often!) Hard to believe that toe up will be easy for you someday, but it will! I like the way you're doing it--one bite at a time.