Saturday, September 5, 2009

Good day.. productive is a good thing.

Wow.. I did some of my to do list and even added a few things as I came upon them.

Alpaca. (added to the to do list)  I had gotten some baby alpaca a couple of months ago.  I was given a couple of ounces or so.. I will have to weigh the fiber once it is all dry.  There is a red brown like clay, a darker brown and a white.  I got it for an insanely cheap amount and in fact I had asked the woman if I was paying enough.  A customer had come into the booth and asked questions about alpaca fiber and the woman manning the booth was doing a favor for the owner who is a good friend.  So I told the customer all I knew about alpaca from the spinning perspective and the properties of the fiber.  So this woman was not inclined to recheck the price and I walked away feeling like I got too good of a deal.  Once it is weighed I will post but I only paid $8.25 for the entire lot.


Anywho... today I washed it all.  With the Salad Spinner Method!  This is fabulous!! I love it.


The List - -
Sunrise - Bobbin #5 is full and I plied one bobbin full skein from Bobbins #1 and #2.  It is coming out very nice and balanced (yippee) and I look forward to seeing it after it's warm bath to make it bloom.

Garb - My daughter decided on Italian Ren - Venetian.  So we are going to start with a Venetian Dress for her first SCA persona garb.

Knitting - Finished the scarf!  Gave it a warm bath too. This scarf is Crest of the Wave pattern and knitted from All Things Heather in Pink Camoflage.  It is 50/50 superwash Merino and Tencel.  I purchased it at my favorite online yarn store, The Loopy Ewe.

Crest of the Wave Scarf

Cooking - Went to the farm market and grocery store and got the necessary's for Zuppa Tuscana!!!  That is tomorrow's dinner.  Mmmmmm!

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