Thursday, September 3, 2009

A To Do List - - of sorts

I am a post it note junky. I use them every day, stick them everywhere and depend on them heavily. That is probably not a wise thing to do! But I do it. During the last few days I have kept a list of things I thought of while working and made several 5x7 post it note to do lists.

This weekend is a 4 day weekend, I intend on being productive.

One thing on the list was a new look for this blog. Amazingly, I got home and the blog template I did have went poof. Who ever made it must have closed their photobucket account and there went the template. So! I used one of bloggers templates and personalized to what I like. So that is already crossed off!

Spinning - Sunrise - currently I am on bobbin #5. I think after I fill this bobbin I will ply the first 4 bobbins of my singles.

Garb -
1) Viking Apron Dress - figure out the sizing so I can order linen. Many in our camp had them or were going to make them. I think Dark Horde Moritu next year at Pennsic will be a lot of Viking Apron Dresses!
2) Encourage my daughter to figure out and pinpoint more in what she wants. She had decided on Italian Renaissance which excites me. I have always wanted to try my hand at creating 1400-1500's Italian Garb but I chose Ottoman Turkish for my persona. It was said as a joke by a friend but I just might be "Safiye of a thousand dresses.." LOL. I could easily dress in about five different periods and be very happy. I want to do some research on Spanish garb too. Oh, and Flemish... see? Don't forget the Viking Apron dress above! Middle ages fashion "ho"??? Ya think? Plain n simple.
3) Duck tape dress forms. (We plan on my daughters this weekend.)

Food -
I found a recipe for Zuppa Toscana based on the Olive Garden recipe. I hope it comes out just as good!

Knitting -
1) 6 rows to finish my scarf!
2) I need a new purse project. I think I have about 10 things started. I will pick up something that was abandoned.. I think.

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